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As I have already told you, I live with my spiritual guide. After several processes and because I asked for it, misusing my verb, I am here in this space with her. But remember that nothing happens without the will of the Source. So I also understand that I am in a process of spiritual formation for service to humanity.

There have been trials, some I have passed, some I have not. But making mistakes is part of the process because in this way, also learns on the path of life.

In one of the many daily situations, I have experienced sharing space with my guide, it was sewing the cover of a new piece of furniture that the house cat was damaging. My daughter was in the house while we were doing the process, and like any child she started to approach me and try to get my attention. My guide told her to go into the room and let us adults finish it, because there were needles and I had to concentrate on what I was doing.

At that moment I felt that my daughter was being rejected, my mind (as always focusing on the negative), started to tell me that my guide was annoyed by my daughter, that she didn't want her and that's why she was pushing her away, cause, she wasn't doing anything, just watching.

I tried to disperse those thoughts and concentrated on sewing and listening to a movie that was playing. So that's how it happened. In the following days, my guide explained the event to me.

As we know everything is energy, everything completely. So when I was in the task of sewing, the guide withdrew my daughter so that I could have my energy focused on that activity and with the child's restlessness, I did not get upset and start to scold her, leaving this energy of discomfort stuck on the furniture.

Siblings, at that moment I understood, I had been left with emptiness for the situation, but God had clarified it so that I could understand the reason for what had happened and so that I would not be left with the emptiness of the reason for that event.

Speaking of emptiness, I had also told you that I studied a profession that did not correspond to me. Although I am deeply grateful to my work because it provides me with the means to live my daily life. I also recognize that at times I have felt out of place because I really should have directed my path towards languages. Which I now understand is a gift that the Source gave me from birth.

That emptiness I felt inside, although I knew how to heal it, I had again ignored the calls for change. Conversing one rainy afternoon with my guide, I was "shaken" by the Source of Love and took the initiative to fulfil that cherished dream I had always held within me. I can tell you that the Source helped me to see a university at the right price and I am already in the process of fulfilling my heart's desire.

My guide said that when you let your dreams pass and when you become an elderly person, those voids become deeper and in therapy the work is strong to heal that absence of happiness, that disturbs the human being when feels frustration.

Siblings, I invite you to observe what you hold in your heart and strive to fulfil it. I assure you that once the decision is made, all paths will open in some way. But if it does not, perhaps life is saying that it does not belong, so with love you must let go.

I embrace you from my heart.

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