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Time is a mirage, the days go by and we don't notice, or we do it late, what has happened around us.

It is like when we have children, one moment they are born and, in our arms, and then they are "grown up" and independent children.

That is why it is our duty as parents to value this time with respect for our children, so that later we do not regret having done or not having done something.

In my experience, I worked very long hours, so I had to leave the care of my daughter in kindergarten from 6:00 a.m. and she would be returned to me more than 12 hours later, sometimes I would arrive after her and have to leave her with my family.

From that moment on, a chain of mistakes began, leaving her with my family, believing that this was the best option.

At that moment in my life, I saw as the best alternative that my brother (who has a delicate mental process due to the abuse that he received) and my mother, "take care" of my daughter, which led to me being relegated as a mother to the side and I have to admit it, I allowed it.

My brother and my mother have the full conviction that correcting a child is wrong, because of the experiences of abuse that they experienced, what they never realized was that they took this belief to the extreme, so that by not being able to correct my daughter as a mother I allowed the child to grow up with manifestations of manipulation and lies and they made me feel guilty for my inaction.

I have had to deal with this process with my daughter, and to this day I continue to do so, in this instance that I no longer live with my family and after having emotionally abandoned my daughter, I had to crash with myself and meet the real child and start cutting off that energy.

It has not been an easy process, because I have even lost sleep and entered into a state of sadness as I feel heartbroken not knowing what else to do with my child, but I am determined to raise a human being with a loving and compassionate heart, and stop this energy of manipulation that does not correspond to love.

It is there that I realize that valuing life is about valuing time, because it is through time that life and all that makes up life happens.

Brothers, let us value life and everything that surrounds us and let us try to make better decisions that have positive consequences for ourselves and for others.

I embrace you from my heart.

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