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Life is a path of lessons where each being decides whether to learn or not.

If we learn, we are talking about evolving, because we climb a step that allows us to advance. In an opposite side, we do not learn, we will be involved in similar situations with the same or different teachers who will give us lesson after lesson, and we will live the consequences of not choosing what life tries to teach us through each process.

The truth is that we are human beings, that we have a physical body, perceptible of emotions, but also with the free decision to choose how to act in each situation and the emotion that this entails.

Every day we choose, every day when we wake up it is a choice to get out of bed because if you have to go to work it is your decision to be late, not to arrive or to arrive on time. It is the same for all aspects of life.

I give you an example about the 2 parts: Spiritual and human. In the spiritual part I choose or not to choose to connect with the Source during the day, I choose or not to choose to communicate with the Source as if I had a friend next to me to whom I comment everything, I choose or not to choose to live in unconditional love with everything and everyone, I choose or not to choose to be open to life, to learn from every situation and every teacher that daily life presents me with. I CHOOSE OR I DO NOT CHOOSE.

On the human side I will talk about the past, I chose to separate from my daughter's father because we were not happy and you already know the rest of this story beloved brother, I chose peace for my daughter and for me, but I could have chosen to stay with him and continue to endure. Now, what is the consequence? My daughter feels the emptiness of her father, but I could have stayed with him or separated, I know that it is not about this, It is about situations of abandonment of past lives between my daughter and her father that must be healed. For now my duty as a mother is to accompany her in her process and sow love in her heart so that in the future she can heal and in the same way help her father to let go of this repetitive chain that has gone one life after another.

Today I chose to wake up early and render a service, after a scolding from Source with good reason, but I also choose not to feel guilty and focus on improving myself in service to humanity.

Let us choose well brothers, so our lives will flow better. I embrace you with love.

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