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Today is the 3rd of January 2022, it has been more than 3 months since I wrote in my blog so I can tell all of you my processes and learnings so that whoever it corresponds to can find guidance, or light on their path and in their own processes.

Each day brings with it a new lesson, in recent times when I came across other people's processes, I felt the need to help in some way, but the Source reminded me that as long as the other person does not ask for help, you cannot interfere in anything because you would be interrupting the life process of each person.

I have also learned that educating and guiding a child is not easy, and as long as the parent has not healed what he or she is trying to impose on the child, he or she will only generate resentment in the child; that educating you must be firm and authoritative, but at the same time be a friend of the child and build trust so that they come to you when they need advice and do not receive inadequate guidance from outside that leads them to make wrong decisions.

I have learnt that every person is a teacher and that even if they attack me with their words or attitudes I should not face that energy with the same behavior, but on the contrary be aware that they are sleeping beings who are not conscious of their actions.

I have learned that when I receive money I must first thank God and ask Him to multiply it for me and for all humanity, because this energy expands to all, that in the same way I share the blessing with someone inviting them to eat, because food means abundance and to buy some food exclusively for me, because in this way the energy of abundance enters my being through food.

I have learned that sometimes situations happen to us that we don't understand why they happen to us, and that we even get upset with the Source because in our human thinking we believe we are right, but that if we open ourselves to learn, in God's perfect timing, the Source allows us to see the reason why we go through that process and the perfection of that learning to move forward.

I have learned that you must live one day at a time and that sticking to the clock only creates anxiety, so I must let each day flow as it comes and that each day is very different from the day before and the day after.

I have learned that if I control my emotions I can move forward and that life is like riding in a car on a road, things happen and I keep moving forward, I can't keep looking back because it has already happened, I keep the good things that contribute to me and what I feel is not useful I let it go.

I keep learning my brothers and sisters, just as you continue to do.

I am honoured to be able to learn from the wisdom of Source and to be allowed to pass it on to you through this medium. I embrace you from my heart.

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