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Continuing with the skein, after healing what I was missing with my root which is my mother, the Source showed me that I should continue with my daughter, so this is the story.

The days before my daughter's birthday and because of my economic situation, I was worried about what to give her for her day, what to buy her to wear, among other material things, I was focusing on the physical and not the spiritual. The school gave her the party and I only had to bring a couple of things to complete it. God gave me that gift. Also that day, I do her a lunch with her favorite food, I was worried about seeing her happy materially. That day I ended up so tired.

In the afternoon my daughter went out with her father, He also wanted to celebrate her, but when they returned he started to attack me saying that I had my daughter in bad conditions, He said that her shoes were too old and that she did not eat well because of me, he started to accuse me of many things, I was disarmed, disconcerted, sad. I could hardly defend myself because behind all these accusations was a web of lies created by my daughter, a 5 year old girl, who had built a world for her father and in front of me created other world. My life fell at my feet.

That night I didn't sleep, I was so deeply disappointed of my daughter that my head was spinning thinking about what I had done wrong. Every day I woke up thinking about my daughter, I did everything I could to give her everything, but I only saw her from a material point of view, I wasn't seeing the child hurt and emotionally abandoned by her mother.

The next day I woke up even worse, I cried for several hours. My guide accompanied me through the process, explaining that when it comes to our children and removing a blindfold, it is a very painful process. I realized that my daughter was no longer a baby and that she had the ability to put together a whole web of lies to manipulate both parents knowing that our communication was very poor, was a huge disappointment. It took me a whole day to put myself together.

Once I woke up from the situation I understood that my daughter needed my presence more than material things, it was my presence as a mother. I understood that when I got pregnant I did not want to be a mother in that moment, I wanted to continue partying and having sex, so I rejected her. Although in the following months I began to love her, she was not the baby I expected and longed for, so unconsciously I continued to reject her. That baby in turn rejected this mother, She felt resentment because I rejected her. I understood why she loves her father so much, when We found out I was pregnant, his reaction was different, he was happy, opposite to me.

I had to heal with my daughter, I had to continue unravelling the skein of my life, as I was very strong with my daughter due to her temperament, the Source of love taught me that I had to treat her with much more love, I had to get closer to her, generate trust, caress her, hug her, LOVE her.

From that moment I started this process, days have passed, I have given more love to my child, to my daughter that the universe gave me, now I see her more the fruit of my womb.

At the same time my daughter has healed a lot, she hugs me with love, she tells me more about herself, she tells me with love what bothers her, she doesn't explode from one moment to the next and even her constipation has gone away. It happened to her as it happened to me, she let go of her mother, just as I did with my parents. Thank you Source of Love, thank you.

Sometimes in this adult and material world we only focus on the material and superficial things; and yes that may keep them stable, but it is only about the physical aspect. But do not look at what is behind that being, what hurts them, what bothers them, what makes them happy, what is behind their attitudes.

Beloved brothers, I invite you to look around you, in a non-material loving way and analyse whether behind your parents, children, siblings, partner there are emotions not aligned with love, and give them a hand in their healing process. By this I mean, beyond giving away clothes or inviting to fancy restaurants or paying for expensive schools or universities, let's hug more, let's caress more, let's listen more, let's accompany more, let's LOVE MORE.

Thanks to the Source Energy of love that allows us to learn every day and allows us to heal what we still have pending.

I embrace you from my heart.

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