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Our life is a skein of yarn and it is we ourselves who make the decision to tangle it further or to untangle it.

As we know our mother is the origin of everything, so by healing with her we essentially heal the end of the skein.

Living outside my home and having left with my mother's screams and rejections behind me, my life became a strong but loving process, I moved to live with my spiritual guide who is also my friend and sister from other lives. My mother, not accepting that my approach was not religious, rejected outright the fact that I was going down a spiritual path other than catholic church.

The truth is that my mother in her anger decided to send me unkind wishes, and when a mother does this to her child, it has so much power that it can block her child in different aspects of life. And that's how it happened to me, my financial situation was not the best, my friend was very supportive, but seeing me without a penny made me feel very worried.

From this part of the story the Source taught me that even though one day I have money and the next day I have nothing, I should be thankful, always thankful, for the moments I have and for the moments I don't have, for the moments I like and for the moments I don't like, because in the end everything teaches me something sacred.

To know that your own mother desires in this way, is not something easy to accept, however, and after the mind attacked me with its beautiful thoughts, I decided to transmute this and send love to my mother, knowing that she herself is creating her own skein of life.

And the fact is that each being leads her life in her own way, in this sense, each being makes her own choices that she considers to be right for her own path. The fact that the other (whether mother, father, child, spouse, etc.) thinks differently from oneself, is perfect, because it is their choice and it is not for me to try to change it. That is where free will is reflected, because every mistake is the academic tool for us to learn and it is presented to us as many times as necessary in the same life or even in several lives so that we reach the point of saturation or tiredness and open ourselves to love and act in wisdom.

It is one thing how my mother feels about me, if in her heart there is resentment and resentment that is her burden (and it may sound "selfish"), but the truth is that everyone carries what they carry within them, and I humbly accept that my mother is no exception.

However, from my being, opening myself to love, forgiveness and humility, I decided to heal myself and in turn I help my mother to heal so that her existence is not so burdened, even if she thinks differently.

Consciousness comes according to what we decide to do everything in our lives from love, letting go of ego, grudges, sadness, arrogance, etc.

There have been several situations in which I have processed anger and decided to forgive my mother. There is no circumstance that exists in which we cannot forgive siblings.

Forgiving and letting go frees, forgiving allows breathing, forgiving heals and I will forgive my mother and everyone who comes into my life to be my teacher because without forgiveness I cannot move forward on this spiritual path I have chosen.

Many times it can happen that we are not asked for forgiveness and it is perfect, each one carries what he/she carries within him/herself. On the other hand, we can act differently than these teachers, choosing then to turn to love, acceptance of the other (because I accept myself) and forgive.

Let us remember that from other lives we bring situations that generate so many other situations for which we suffer, we cry, we get angry, for this reason I forgive myself and ask forgiveness to all beings that in the past or today do not wish me nice things and also today I decide to forgive them and let the Source be the one who teaches, I heal and free myself from these burdens.

I invite you to open yourselves to forgive and you will see that the pain in your shoulders and back will magically disappear, a hug from love.

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