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Behind everything there is always a reason, an origin, a root.

When we have experiences in life that upset or sadden us, they originate as a consequence of decisions we made in this life or in previous lives. The same is true for experiences that make us feel happy or fulfilled.

I know that I had to live my experience of pain with an abusive father, because in previous lives I was an aggressive person, so He was my way to heal. In the same way I lived through the experience of sadness and cheating with my ex because I was an unfaithful person. But what allowed me to heal? To recognize what I was and what I am not now, to forgive myself and ask for forgiveness and to ask the Source of Love to transmute this energy into light and love. It's all as simple as that.

Now looking at what fills me with happiness, I wonder ¿what allows me to have a positive learning experience with my spiritual guide? I don't know, sometimes I tell her that maybe I did something good in this or another lifetime that allows me to learn from a being so close to Source.

Beloved ones, it has been quite a process, of healing and learning, but I am happy because I chose it and I want to be of service to humanity as a spiritual guide, in whatever way Source chooses. It has not been an easy road to travel, that I can assure you, I have left behind many things that were important for my earthly life as the rejection of my family or the estrangement of friends, however, I understand that they were not positive influences for my process with the Source of Love and directed to my purest intention: TO BE INSTRUMENT OF THE LOVE OF THE SOURCE.

I do not feel I am on a different path, brothers, I do not feel outside of this choice, it is an inner call that tells me it is that way. Just thinking about leaving makes me feel like falling from a very tall building into the void. That is why I chose and continue to choose the Source of Love and the service I am to render at the right and correct moment of the Source.

My spiritual guide tells me that by writing this blog, I am already doing a service to humanity because it will be read by those beings who will find an answer to the concerns that are wandering in their minds. And I feel grateful to be able to accompany them by narrating my experience and the lessons of love that I have lived.

They are called lessons of love because sometimes the proofs that those of us who want to be of service experience are strong, but at the end by holding on to the love of the Source any circumstance can be overcome.

At some point I was taught that when you choose the way of service, the Source tests you in different ways and those tests are what shape your being as you change and gain more wisdom, understanding and love for service to humanity.

It is curious, for there can be many circumstances such as the illness of a child to test your faith that Source will heal him or her, or the loss of a home to test for depression due to attachment to material things, rejection and mockery from family to see if you respond with humility or arrogance, among many other tests that turn the world upside down, but as I repeat by the hand of Source and faith intact all is overcome in deep love.

Even if you do not choose this path, you can render a service for the love of God or whatever you call it, serve in situations as simple as giving food to a person in need, a hug to someone in distress, donating clothes you no longer wear (in good condition, torn is not a good vibration), etc., there are many ways to serve. So why not try to help even a little bit?

Maybe we will be so successful that we will help to change the world, and remember that every time we do something nice for someone else, life gives it back to us multiplied or gives it back to our children. Or it can even be done in gratitude for the blessings we already have, because sometimes human beings, in their comfort and stability, are indifferent to the situation of the other.

I send you a hug full of love, the kind that comforts you like a hot coffee on a cold day. May the Source bless your every path.

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