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Continuing with the whole process of my daughter, now I will tell you how she has been her life.

She was a very quiet baby, but as I was working I had to find someone I could trust to help me with her. So it was in the same small town where I worked that I hired someone who took care of my daughter.

My life was involved around my baby and my job. During the day I worked like anyone else, facing colleagues and bosses with different ways of being, some kind, some not so kind, but in the end teachers. At night I would arrive to receive my daughter, exhausted from the daily journey I would go to bed and put her next to me. At that time of life, playing with her or getting closer to her was not my priority, for once separated she was cloistered in the silence of sadness disguised as normality. So watching her take her first steps and hearing her say her first words remained a memory of her nanny and not mine as her mother.

Those episodes of sadness clouded part of my child's stages, but I recognize that I had to live through these processes to heal and mature, to love and respect myself. So I don't blame myself, I forgive myself and I also ask forgive me to my daughter.

I always tried to give her everything physically speaking, I mean toys, trips, parks, everything that parents "believe" that feed the soul of our children, and how wrong we live in the material society, when it matters more to give hundred toys than a sincere hug or to spend quality time with our children without looking at the mobile phone or the tv. Those are gifts for their souls and they don't cost anything.

Celebrating her birthday was my biggest goal every year, as I didn't have parents who made celebrating their children's birthdays a priority, because their parents didn't teach them this either, so my inner child enjoyed organizing every party on my daughter's birthday, it was like the party of the year, the most important date of all. Making my daughter happy in this sense also celebrated my inner child. It is beautiful.

However, in this awakening of consciousness it has become a priority not to recover, but to retake the time with my daughter, what is gone is behind me, what is now and what is to come is what matters. Now for me it is important to teach her what love, respect and accept herself means; that even if life knocks her down, she should cry and get up; that she have not take anything from anyone, nor hurt anyone else because hurt herself and later life will charge her for those actions, to always speak the truth, to express what she feels, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to love and forgive her father because even if she does not see him or talk to him very often, for some reason she chose him to heal.

The ostentatious toys and parties in which I invested a lot of money are no longer important, because a birthday cake and two balloons are a clear sign of humility to celebrate my love for her. Even though resources are no longer the same, these blessings will be given from my heart to my daughter. Thank you Source of Love.

On the day my daughter reads this text, remember that her mother taught her to always ask the Source for much love, wisdom, understanding, patience, humility and acceptance, for service and for her entire existence of life.

Embrace your children and teach them what is precious, the rest will follow.

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