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As I told you, I have already started my language studies and I have been happy doing homework and attending my virtual classes. I am connecting with my true earthly passion and part of my gifts which are languages, I do not deny that with all that I do in the day, getting in the evening to sit at the computer is not easy, but with perseverance and love everything is possible.

Already trained in our topics today will talk about part of the basis for life, because I have been learning that this life is a game.

Base No. 1: Love and self-respect, I remember it was the first thing I was taught when I came to spiritual therapy, and I have heard from other patients of the Source of Love, that it is also their first learning. If we love, value and respect ourselves, we can expand this love to others. Not allowing others to trample on us and humiliate us represents self-love (applies to family, friends, partners, bosses, etc), and it is not about fighting but about making others understand that I am worth and deserve respect. Likewise in health issues, if a person does not take care of himself, and risks his body, it means that he does not love himself, self-care also represents self-love.

Base No. 2: Unconditional love for others, this indicates that even though the other person does what they does, it is my duty to love them, without conditions, without buts, simply love and respect them, if I love, accept and respect myself, I extend this unconditional love to others, accepting their ways of being or their ways of acting, because I am not the one to change the other person, because the Source is the one that gives them the freedom to act and decide as that person wants. When I let go of this part, I feel freer with the others because I can flow with life and the situations that my teachers teach me.

Pillar No.3: In life everything must be balanced: This refers to the fact that in our daily life everything must be balanced, for example, if a person has done favors to me, the most correct thing to do is to help him/her when he/she requires, in my case, my guide helped me with therapies that I owed him and I had not been able to pay him because I did not have a steady job, so, she has a pending matter with a bank that must reimburse her some money, as I have not paid her yet, I will balance this working as a lawyer taking the process and helping her to get her money back.

Pillar No. 4: Wisdom, as life is a game, and we must know how to play it with the decisions we make, the words we say, the acts we perform and even how we think. This is where wisdom comes from, I mean analyzing how to do things or how to perform in different situations are the best possible way to improve.

Pillar No. 5: Gratitude in everything, when I am grateful from my heart for every situation in my life, situations change or I find a way to solve them. If something positive comes I enjoy it and I breathe it and I am grateful for the blessing that comes into my life. But if something comes that touches me emotionally, the human autopilot is to cut breath and complain, when it should be to breathe more calmly, thank what the situation teaches me and trust that everything can be solved. Also as I enjoy the positive, I enjoy the negative, life is composed of both parts there is the balance. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that I have lived and what is to come, whatever it is, I have to learn something.

Pillar No. 6: Breathing is the mastery of life, breathing I calm down, breathing I understand, breathing I find the solution, breathing I see the way out. As explained in the previous pillar, when the human being stops breathing enter the emotional part and blocks the "exit", while if we breathe we can resolve the situation. This applies to all aspects of life, if there is conflict in the couple and you are aware of it, breathe and you will know how to respond and help the other to balance with your energy, if in the mornings you run to leave your house, breathe so the time will yield more and you can go out without anxiety, if you feel you are running out of money, breathe and the energy of money will flow and you will see that calming the anxiety by taking and releasing the air in harmony there will be a solution that will help you for every moment, because my siblings, the Source of Love never, ever leaves us alone, always knows what we need and knows how to move the situations and people to reach us, we just have to know how to ask them so they can help us.

I embrace you from my heart.

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